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Claire and Michael Taylor – Labor and Delivery Success Story

Baby boost

First-time parents find support at Methodist MansfieldAs Michael Taylor puts it, he and his wife, Claire, have finally “crossed the line.” The first-time parents have finally found their groove and couldn’t imagine life without baby Rhett.

“He’s already crawling and pulling himself up on things,” Mrs. Taylor says. “He’s growing up so fast.”

Looking back, the Midlothian couple credits the supportive staff at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center and Paul Lansdowne, MD, independently practicing OB-GYN on the hospital’s medical staff, for getting them where they are today.

Pictured: First-time parents find support at Methodist Mansfield

Baby on the way

In late summer 2011, the Taylors were thrilled to learn they were expecting their first child and arranged to deliver at Methodist Mansfield. As deputy district director for U.S. Congressman Joe Barton, Mr. Taylor had had much interaction with the hospital and its leadership.

“Michael was totally impressed with Methodist Mansfield — not to mention the Women’s Pavilion had just recently been renovated,” Mrs. Taylor says.

Claire Taylor and her babyOnly days before her due date, they learned that Rhett was anticipated to weigh more than 10 pounds, so Dr. Lansdowne proposed a cesarean section delivery.

“The level of care and the attention to detail from the nursing staff and anesthesia team at Methodist Mansfield surpass any place else that I’ve worked,” Dr. Lansdowne says. “And while Rhett had no complications, having the level IIIA NICU right there offered a key safety net for Claire’s delivery and the baby’s first few hours.”

Exceeding expectations in the Labor/Delivery/Recovery Suites

Pictured: Michael and Claire Taylor’s “top-notch” labor and delivery experience at Methodist Mansfield exceeded their expectations.

“Our experience at Methodist Mansfield was fabulous,” Mrs. Taylor says. Among the features she and her husband appreciated are:

  • The flat-screen TV, the DVD player, and Wi-Fi capabilities, which allowed them to send updates and photos to loved ones.
  • Spacious accommodations. Even the bathroom was “roomy and comfortable,” Mrs. Taylor says.
  • Helpful, supportive nurses. “If we needed anything — something to drink, extra blankets, anything — all we had to do was ask,” Mr. Taylor says.

On their own — sort of

Michael, Claire, and their childWhen the family went home, the support continued. The new mom and dad felt comfortable calling the postpartum unit with questions, and the lactation consultants offered solutions to Mrs. Taylor’s breastfeeding challenges.

“I can’t say enough good things about them,” she says. “The first question they asked me was, ‘What is your goal?’ and then they worked to make that happen. I’m not sure I would have breastfed as long as I did if not for them.”

“Overall, I would say our experience was top-notch,” Mr. Taylor adds. “Methodist Mansfield really exceeded our expectations.”

Take a virtual tour of Methodist Mansfield’s labor/delivery/recovery suites.

From the spring 2013 edition of Shine magazine.