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Patient Success Stories

Women and Children's Services Patient Success Stories

Bridgett Young – giving grandmas a refresher
She also caught up on the most current infant care practices by taking Methodist Charlton Medical Center’s popular “What Every Grandmother Needs to Know” class.

Denisa Bautista – pregnancy and childbirth success story
Sherlyn Perez, weighing a healthy 7 pounds, 6 ounces, was delivered at 4:40 p.m. by Paul Lansdowne, MD, board-certified OB-GYN on the Methodist Mansfield medical staff.

Heather Gardnerextra special delivery
Methodist Mansfield helped Heather Gardner's son Grant get the very best start to life.

Kelly Fay – Finding comfort and support
Beatrice lived 49½ hours. The Fays clung to their faith in their darkest hours. It was a comfort to them, believing they would see her again in heaven. Kelly soon found another comfort when she was introduced to Hope Mommies.

Cassandra and Jeremiah Haughton – Special Care Nursery success story
The Haughton family is glad to have Jeremiah home after his premature birth and his stay in the Special Care Nursery at Methodist Charlton.

Krista Houston – pregnancy and childbirth success story
Kaitlyn Houston is an adorable healthy handful for mom Krista and dad Randy. The family is grateful that Methodist Mansfield and its all-star NICU were there for them throughout the pregnancy and Kaitlyn’s hospital stay.

Dianna Kleeman – pregnancy and childbirth success story
Matt and Dianna Kleeman, here with prematurely born son, Miles, survived one of the most challenging seasons of their lives with the support of the NICU nurses at Methodist Mansfield.

Ian SalazarNICU success story
The Salazars are grateful for the advanced care at Methodist Mansfield's NICU that saved both mother's and baby's lives.

Pricilla Sanchez-Bazaldua – childbirth success story
A previous miscarriage had left Pricilla Sanchez-Bazaldua heartbroken and confused. But with support from Methodist Charlton she’snow the proud parent of two healthy boys.

Ivana Segvic-Boudreaux childbirth success story
Ivana Segvic-Boudreaux turned to Methodist Mansfield for expertise and guidance when she began her journey to motherhood later than many women.

Natalie Sobolewskigestational diabetes success story
And baby makes three – Natalie Sobolewski delivered a healthy baby boy at Methodist Mansfield after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy.

Claire and Michael Taylor –labor and delivery success story
Michael and Claire Taylor’s “top-notch” labor and delivery experience at Methodist Mansfield exceeded their expectations.

Ruby Silva – NICU success story
Born at only 22 weeks and 6 days, Ruby spent five months in Methodist Richardson Medical Center’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and another two at Children’s Medical Center fighting to survive.

Ella Tenney – NICU success story
Ella was born May 7 at 7:15 p.m., weighing only 2 pounds, 15 ounces, and measuring a mere 14 inches. And she wasn’t responsive. The neonatal team went into action to restore and aid Ella’s breathing.

Angelik Tobias – NICU patient success story
“Fortunately, Angelik healed quickly and went home two weeks earlier than anticipated,” Dr. St. John says.
Monica Vega – maternity and NICU patient success story
Monica Vega’s daughter, Seleste, was born seven weeks early. But thanks to the “special angels” at the Methodist Richardson NICU, both mom and baby are doing great.

Leslie Waldson – childbirth success story
“If we decide to have a second baby, there’s no question that we would deliver at Methodist Mansfield again.”

Erica Diaz – NICU success story
The Diaz family is relieved that their newest member, Daniella, is doing well after spending 75 days in the NICU at Methodist Mansfield.

AcessaTM Procedure

LaSonia Hairston – minimally invasive Acessa procedure gives women an option other than hysterectomy
It has been nine months since LaSonia had her Acessa procedure, and she is happy to report that she is fibroid-free and living her busy life to the fullest.

da Vinci Robotic Gynecologic Surgery Patient Success Stories

Karen Darcangelo – minimally invasive gynecological surgery with the da Vinci® Surgical System patient success story
Surgery to remove her ovaries with the da Vinci Surgical System at Methodist Richardson made it easier for Karen Darcangelo to get back to taking care of her son and activities she loves.

Jean English-Hurley – minimally invasive da Vinci® hysterectomy for uterine fibroids
After a minimally invasive hysterectomy with the da Vinci robotic surgical system, Jean English-Hurley is able to enjoy time with her two sons without the distracting pain of uterine fibroids.

Andrea Hicks – da Vinci® hysterectomy and ovary removal success story
After testing positive for the BRCA2 gene, Andrea Hicks took steps to stop cancer before it could start with a hysterectomy and an oophorectomy (ovary removal) with the da Vinci® Surgical System.

Winifred Neal – minimally invasive da Vinci® hysterectomy success story
After a minimally invasive da Vinci hysterectomy at Methodist Dallas, Winnie Neal was pain free and felt like a new woman.

Ruth Santos – minimally invasive total laparoscopic hysterectomy for ovarian cancer with the da Vinci® Surgical System
Following a total laparoscopic hysterectomy with the da Vinci surgical system at Methodist Dallas, Ruth Santos returned quickly to the work she loves – helping others.

Stacie Stegman – da Vinci hysterectomy success story
After Stacie Stegman's minimally invasive hysterectomy for uterine fibroids with the da Vinci Surgical System at Methodist Richardson Medical Center, she's back in action at work and play.

Beth Davis – overactive bladder success story
Taking back control – Beth Davis didn't let her overactive bladder keep her from being active.