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Tammy Kuykendall – QuickCare Clinic Patient

Close to home, quick to help – QuickCare Clinic patient story

Tammy Kuykendall When Tammy Kuykendall, chief communications
officer for the Duncanville Independent School
District, needed to see a doctor, the QuickCare
Clinic was there to help.

From the winter 2011 edition of Shine magazine

When Tammy Kuykendall started experiencing symptoms of a sinus infection, she immediately started taking over-the-counter medications. Nine days later, the symptoms had not let up and she had begun to feel pressure in her ears.

"I knew I needed to see my doctor, but between my obligations at work and home, I needed a solution that fit within my schedule," Kuykendall says. "The QuickCare Clinic was the perfect solution."

As chief communications officer for the Duncanville Independent School District, Kuykendall has a busy schedule. She was able to finish her day at work and then check in at the Methodist Charlton Medical Center QuickCare Clinic.

"I was in and out in under an hour, and the care was exceptional," she says. "Within a day, I started to see improvements in my health."

Comfortable, compassionate care

Kuykendall says the QuickCare Clinic staff made her and her husband feel comfortable.

"The nurse made us feel like we were longtime patients, and both he and the nurse practitioner were very friendly and genuinely concerned about addressing my medical needs," she says. "It was evident to my husband and me that the QuickCare Clinic staff values each patient and takes the time to truly treat the whole patient and not just the symptoms."

Kuykendall adds that the paperwork process was well organized and easy to complete, and the waiting room and patient rooms were immaculate.

"Overall, the entire experience from check-in to checkout was positive," she says.

Good family advice

It was her in-laws' visit to the QuickCare Clinic that encouraged Kuykendall to seek treatment there as well.

"My husband reminded me that his parents had visited the QuickCare Clinic two weeks earlier," she says. "Their experience was also very positive. They've actually been to the clinic twice.

"Needless to say, the Kuykendall family really appreciated having easy access to quality health care that conveniently met our needs," Kuykendall says. "It's good to know the QuickCare Clinic is there for the sudden illnesses that life throws at you from time to time."