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Shannon Morgan – Emergency Room Success Stories

Meet the Morgans

This growing family knows they can trust Methodist Mansfield

Shannon Morgan with her family. Tyrone and Shannon Morgan and their kids, Trey, 7;
Jordan, 5; and Tatum, 3, have all experienced great
care at Methodist Mansfield. They're sure that baby
No. 4 (due in April) will, too!

When Shannon Walters handed her number to Tyrone Morgan back in April 2004, she was expecting the Office Max employee to call with information about phone lines, which he did.

“But he called again the next night, and we talked for 3½ hours on the phone,” Shannon says. More than 10 years later, the couple is married with three beautiful children — Trey, 7; Jordan, 5; and Tatum, 3 — and a fourth on the way.

As with most families, the Morgans have seen their share of health issues, but Methodist Mansfield Medical Center has been there to help.

“I think of it as our family hospital,” Shannon says.

Here for new babies

undefinedThe Morgans’ first experience with Methodist Mansfield was for Jordan’s birth.

“There was this one nurse — I can’t even tell you how wonderful she was,” Shannon says. “She just made me feel so comfortable.”

Two years later, Shannon and Tyrone welcomed Tatum, and they’re already looking forward to their experience with baby No. 4 in April.

“My friends try to get out of hospitals as fast as possible, but with Methodist Mansfield, I’m like, ‘How many days can I stay?’” Shannon says. “It’s the greatest vacation ever.”

Here for children

Methodist Mansfield’s emergency department (ED) has also helped the Morgan children. While Shannon was delivering Tatum, Jordan slammed his little finger in a bathroom door and broke it. Once the ED team had it taped up, Jordan was ready to meet his new little sister.

Tatum had her own health scare in fall 2013. The then-2-year-old had mild allergies to eggs and peanuts. After a family picnic, Shannon found her munching on a leftover peanut butter sandwich.

“I gave her medicine and called the allergist, but I just could not get a peace about it,” Shannon says. “I rushed her to the ED, and they took us right in and checked her out. She was fine, but instead of making me feel like I was being dramatic, the staff made me feel like I had a valid concern and reassured me.”

Here for parents

undefinedTyrone has also benefited from the Methodist Mansfield ED, starting with a gallbladder attack in 2011.

“I was having small pains here and there, but it kept getting worse and worse,” he says. “I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but I was miserable.”

The family, including a pregnant Shannon and two sleepy-eyed boys wrapped in blankets, walked into the ED at 1:30 a.m. Methodist Mansfield’s team ran tests and eased Tyrone’s pain, and the family was headed home in just a few hours.

“Our latest adventure was this past March,” Shannon recalls. “Tyrone calls from work and says, ‘I’m on the floor and I can’t get up.’” His co-workers brought him to Methodist Mansfield, where he was diagnosed with a torn meniscus in his knee that ultimately required surgery. Fully recovered, he now has no trouble keeping up with the kids.

A perfect fit for our family

The Morgans feel that every step of the way, the physicians, nurses, and staff members at Methodist Mansfield have been helpful and supportive.

“We just feel so comfortable there,” Shannon says. “It’s nice to know our family has a hospital we can trust.”

From the winter 2014 issue of Shine magazine