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Carlotta Davis – Emergency Department Success Story

No time wasted helps speed up emergency care

Carlotta Davis After using to schedule an
emergency department appointment, Carlotta
Davis has found her new family hospital:
Methodist Mansfield. "It was a really great
experience," she says.

Back in June, Carlotta Davis was taking antibiotics for a sore throat that would not go away.

“I felt like I was swallowing glass,” she says.

So Carlotta did what 35 percent of Americans do: She looked up her symptoms on Google.

“The more I Googled, the more I panicked,” she says. “I wanted a second opinion.”

As she had just moved to the Arlington area, she sought her colleague’s recommendations.

“She told me she always goes to Methodist Mansfield,” Carlotta says. “I asked, ‘Are they good? Are they quick?’ She said, ‘Yes, I only go to them.’?”

So she Googled again — this time for Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. There she found a link to

Out the door in no time

At, patients can schedule emergency department (ED) appointments at a time that is convenient for them. Until then, they can wait in the comfort of their own homes.

“Our patients have been extremely satisfied with,” says Ketan Trivedi, MD, FACEP, ED medical director. “If they’re not experiencing a true emergency but still need to see a physician, this saves them a lot of time.”

Carlotta can testify to the expedient care.

“When I got to my appointment, it was like boom, boom, boom, boom, done,” she says. “From the time I signed in to the time they told me I could leave, it was probably an hour and 15 minutes. That’s a record.”

Carlotta says she was also impressed with the physician’s thoroughness.

“My sore throat ended up being a virus, which just had to run its course, but the doctor gave me some tips for other things I could do to help,” she says. “He sat there and answered any questions and made sure I was completely satisfied before I left.”

New health care home

Carlotta still plans to use Google to help her find her way around her new city, but she doesn’t have to look for a hospital anymore.

“I was truly satisfied, and I’ve found a new hospital facility for any type of medical emergencies for me and my family,” she says. “It was a really great experience.”

Additional source: Pew Research Internet Project

From the winter 2014 issue of Shine magazine.