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Emergency & Trauma Patient Success Stories

Emergency & Trauma Stories

miraf assefaMiraf Assefa – trauma patient success story
“I was told more than once that it was a miracle I survived,” says Miraf Assefa, who was shot twice at close range by a home intruder. Fortunately, Methodist Dallas Medical Center had the Level I trauma care needed to save his life.

Carlotta Davis Success Story IconCarlotta Davis – emergency room success story
"I've found a new hospital facility for any type of medical emergencies for me and my family."

Corey Dooley Success Story IconCorey Dooley – trauma emergency room success story
Two shots flew into 15-year-old Corey’s back, and as he turned to shelter his mother from the passenger seat, two more entered his left hip. His stepfather walked around the car to take aim at Nicole, but she reversed the car just in time. The bullet meant for her head hit her arm instead. The family was taken to Methodist Dallas Medical Center, one of only three Level I Trauma Centers in Dallas County.

Jarron Holden Jarron Holden— emergency success story
A basketball team tryout turned tragic when 13-year-old Jarron Holden’s heart stopped on the court. At Methodist Charlton Medical Center, the emergency team fought to stabilize him so he could be transferred to a pediatric hospital, where he was later diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Now through the Holden Strong Awareness Campaign, Jarron and his family are raising awareness about the importance of sports physicals and heart screening.

Amanda Rogers Kowalski Success Story IconAmanda Rogers Kowalski – emergency care you can count on
The Kowalski family is thankful for Methodist Mansfield Medical Center's emergency department.

William McCraney Success Story IconWilliam McCraney – orthopedic trauma patient success story
Following a serious motorcycle crash and emergency and trauma care at Methodist Dallas, William McCraney feels, blessed to have my leg. Not everyone gets to say they witnessed a miracle, let alone be the one to have the miracle happen to them.”

Shannon Morgan Success Story IconShannon Morgan – emergency room success stories
Tyrone and Shannon Morgan and their kids, Trey, 7; Jordan, 5; and Tatum, 3, have all experienced great care at Methodist Mansfield. They're sure that baby No. 4 (due in April) will, too!

Jamie Murphy Success Story IconJamie Murphyemergency room success story
“This is such a great program,” Jamie says. “It’s so much more comfortable — not to mention efficient—waiting at home instead of a waiting room. I’d recommend and Methodist Mansfield to anyone who doesn’t want to wait to see a doctor. You can get into the ED quickly and then get back to life.”

Mary Smartt Success Story IconMary Smartt – emergency department patient success story
For Mary Smartt and her family, the Methodist Mansfield Emergency Department was the right place for emergency care.

Cassidy Smith Success Story IconCassidy Smith – emergency room and trauma success story
“I always get slightly emotional when it’s nighttime and I see that blue cross atop Methodist Dallas,” she says. “Thank you is not big enough for saving my life.”

Jim Smith Success Story IconJim Smith – emergency room and heart attack success story
The Murphy Fire Department transferred Smith to Methodist Richardson. Ready and waiting for him were Nhan Nguyen, MD, independently practicing inter­ventional cardiologist, and the emergency department team.

Jerome Stewart Success Story IconJerome Stewart – emergency room success story
The new, “It seems like a much more efficient and effective experience for patients,” he says.

Jim Swafford Success Story IconJim Swafford – trauma patient success story
Jim knows Methodist Dallas Medical Center well. It’s where he held his daughter when she was born and where he visited fellow officers during a 23-year career with the Dallas Police Department. But in 2010, after a head-on collision, he was the one receiving the trauma care.

Lisa Turner Success Story IconLisa Turner – emergency room success story
Lisa Turner, wife of state Rep. Chris Turner, is thankful for the great care she received at the Methodist Mansfield emergency department after being bitten by a brown recluse spider

Ed Woyewodzic Success Story IconEd Woyewodzic – emergency room and heart attack success story
"This was a good thing that happened to me, and I thank Dr. Nguyen, Methodist Richardson, and Richardson emergency medical services for working together to save my life."

Oscar Epps – emergency room success story
A DeSoto pastor avoids stroke thanks to quick action at Methodist Charlton