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Digestive & Gastroenterology Patient Success Stories

Frances Barnett – spiral endoscopy patient success story
A small tumor was found on Frances Barnett small intestine during a small bowel endoscopy at Methodist Charlton Medical Center.

Julian Barton – double-balloon enteroscopy success story
Footage of Julian Barton’s small intestine helped doctors pinpoint and solve a severe problem.

Stacy Buchanan – colorectal cancer success story
After early detection and treatment for colon cancer at Methodist Mansfield,
Stacy Buchanan is filled with gratitude and appreciation for life.

Diane Carper – ulcer patient success story
After a minimally invasive procedure to relieves stomach pain from bleeding ulcers, Diane Carper enjoys life again – as well as her favorite foods.

Tara Cline – digestive disorders success story
Tara Cline received treatment for an enlarged bile duct due to gallstones close to home at the Methodist Richardson Center for Digestive Health.

Kenneth Cordier – double-balloon endoscopy success story
Six weeks after surgery to remove a tumor from his small intestine, Kenneth Cordier flying across the Atlantic for a European vacation.

Pearl Dennis – minimally invasive bowel surgery patient success story
Pearl Dennis sent Methodist Dallas surgeon Preeti Malladi, MD, a card telling her that since her surgery, "I feel better than I have in years!"

Meagan Hooker – appendicitis patient success story
Her aunt's suggestion to turn to Methodist Mansfield caught appendicitis just in time so this active high school student could return to band, cheerleading, and the Texas Brigades wildlife program.

Dick Keigley – hernia surgery success story
Dick Keigley can keep up with his pool business after his hernia repari at Methodist Mansfield. "I feel awesome," he says.

Jonathan Lawrence – digestive disorders success story
Through everything, I’ve learned that the proactive approach — seeing the doctor for regular checkups — is the smartest thing.

Denise McCord – gallbladder single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) patient success story
Only three days after minimally invasive SILS to remove her gallbladder, Denise McCord was able to return to work.

Rafael Godinez – achalasia success story
Finally, in spring 2016, he was referred to Prashant Kedia, MD, gastroenterologist on the medical staff at Methodist Dallas who helps lead the interventional endoscopy program at the Methodist Digestive Institute (MDI)

Kyle McEwin – GERD patient success story
The medication Kyle McEwin takes for GERD has kept him feeling great for more than a decade.

Tommi Mitchell – GERD patient success story
Mitchell is managing her GERD through changes in her diet and behavior.

Jodee Sedalnick – Ulcerative Colitis Success Story
“I know a lot of folks are very uncomfortable with the idea of a colonoscopy, but the alternative could be an undiagnosed cancer,” Jodee says. “I think that is good motivation to have it done!”

Elvira Solis – hernia surgery success story
"I feel like a new woman!" A minimally invasive gastroenterology procedure ends years of agony for Elvira Solis.

Elizabeth Tarver – colonoscopy success story
After a colonoscopy revealed polyps, colon resection at Methodist Charlton helped reduce the risk of cancer in the future.

Jesse Twyman – colonoscopy patient and men’s health success story
"These doctors know what they’re doing, and now I’m able to enjoy my retirement and be there for my family and church."