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Cardiac Rehab Patient Success Stories

Cardiac Rehab Success Stories

Terry Caro cardiac rehab success story
“I’ve always worked out and trained, but having them be able to monitor my heart rate, take my blood pressure, and keep an eye on things was great,” Terry says. “If I was out there doing it by myself, I’d be overdoing it.”

Michael Colecardiac rehab success story
“Here’s the key: They aren’t just a rehabilitation facility for your body,” Michael says. “They rehabilitate your confidence, too.

Patricia Garzaa mighty heart
After heart catheterization followed by open heart surgery at Methodist Dallas, Patricia Garza turned to the Folsom Fitness Center for cardiac rehabilitation to help keep her heart disease under control.

Hilde Joplin cardiac rehab success story
Hilde Joplin is heart-healthier than ever after cardiac rehab at Methodist Charlton helps her recover from heart surgery.

John Wootena winner at heart
NFL legend John Wooten talks about why he completed cardiac rehabilitation at Methodist Charlton Medical Center and why he works out regularly at the Fit Zone Fitness Center at Methodist Charlton -- it's the people.

Lewis Burton - Miles and miles ofheart
Even at age 92, Lewis Burton is known for his energy, having logged thousands of miles of jogging and walking in the past 50 years. Two heart procedures at Methodist Richardson have helped make sure that he continues to have that energy for the many miles ahead.

Joe Walker - Trusting with his Whole Hear
“If it weren’t for Methodist Mansfield, I’d be dead twice,” Joe says. “When you’re in your late 60s, you’ve got to keep moving when things like this happen. Methodist Mansfield helped me get better and get on with my life.”