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Transplant Evaluation

Liver Transplant Evaluations

Learn more about liver transplant surgery at The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Dallas, Texas and evaluations before organ transplant. Before undergoing a liver transplant, you must be evaluated to make sure a transplant is the best option for you. The professionals at The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas will assess your situation and inform you about the risks and benefits that are associated with an organ transplant. The evaluation process consists of medical evaluations, consultant evaluations, and committee selection.

Medical Evaluation

The pre-transplant medical evaluation consists of:

  • Complete medical history
  • Complete physical examination
  • Previous EKGs, chest X-rays, lab work, and other test and procedure results

If you require dialysis, your testing schedule will allow for dialysis time. The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center will arrange dialysis for long-distance patients.

Consultant Evaluations

Potential liver transplant candidates will participate in evaluations including:

  • Transplant surgeon evaluation
  • Transplant nephrologist evaluation (for some liver patients)
  • Transplant hepatologist evaluation
  • Transplant social services evaluation
  • Psychosocial evaluation
  • Dietary consultation
  • Meeting with transplant coordinator
  • Dental exam and clearance
  • Other specialist consultations, depending on your medical condition

Transplant Committee Selection

Once a potential transplant candidate’s medical and consultant evaluations are completed, your transplant coordinator at The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas will present the findings to the transplant selection committee, who will accept you as a transplant candidate, schedule more tests before they make a decision, or tell you that you are not a transplant candidate. You and your physician will be informed of the reasons if you are not accepted for an organ transplant.