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Specialized Cardiac Labs

Four specialized labs form the foundation of our cardiology services at the Sam & Anne Kesner Heart Center:

  • Two of these labs are devoted to cardiac catheterization and interventional cardiology. These procedures involve small, flexible catheters, wires, balloons, and stents that are threaded into coronary blood vessels by a cardiologist to diagnose and treat heart problems.
  • Two labs dedicated to electrophysiology (EP), which deals specifically with diagnosing and treating electrical abnormalities and arrhythmias of the heart.

Additional Lab services:

  • Impella Pump Implants – We are proud to offer our patients the world’s smallest heart pump.
  • Implantable converter defibrillators and pacemakers
  • Da Vinci® Cardiothoracic Surgeries – Can provide a safer, less invasive means of performing heart surgery
  • Watchman – A permanent heart implant that can help prevent blood clots and, by extension, strokes.