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Methodist Charlton Diagnostic Sleep Center

The Methodist Charlton Diagnostic Sleep Center recently opened to diagnosis and treat sleep disorders in adults and children.

A sleep specialist will monitor the patient’s breathing, brain wave, heart rhythm, oxygen levels, and body movements. A credentialed registered polysomnographic technologist will score the study promptly, then forward it to the physician. The information from the study will enable doctors to interpret the patient’s quality of sleep and identify any problems.

For more information about the Methodist Charlton Diagnostic Sleep Center, please call (214) 947-7303

Methodist Charlton Medical Center

The A.W.A.K.E. Sleep Apnea Support Group is a support group for patients, family, and medical professionals affected by or interested in sleep apnea. This meeting allows personalized access to clinical staff and others in the sleep disorders field.

Schedule of events include an educational segment/guest speaker, Q&A session with sleep professionals, and door prizes.